Soooo you wanna know about preorders ayy? PREORDERS are limited time shop items that are NOT stored on-hand. They are made to order based on how many are purchased and it often takes 4-8 weeks to produce, ship to us, grade/test and then ship to your location. Once your preorder item is ready to ship you should receive a tracking number from the shipping provider which you can use to track when you’ll get your item.


Can I return a preorder item?

Sowwwwy but preorder items can’t be returned:( Because we buy them from our supplier in batches, we can’t really return them UNLESS there’s a defect manufacturer error with the item, and even in that case the best we can do is offer an exchange. Hope that helps!


Why do preorders take longer than regular items? I got my regular item but not the preorder item?

Regular items will ALWAYS be shipped separately and quicker than Preorder items.

Regular items are already made and ready to ship while Preorder items can only be produced once all orders have been placed and we’ve checked for defects, etc. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bare with us and trust that we’ll get you your items as soon as we can:)

Will preorder items be restocked?

At this time we can’t promise that any of the preorder items will be restocked. We’re a new store and we have A LOT of drop ideas that we wanna get out to you all. Of course if there’s an overwhelming interest in some of the past items we’ll definitely look at bringing it back for another drop. If there’s a preorder you didn’t get the chance to buy - LET US KNOW! LET YO VOICE BE HEARD! Tag us on Insta and Twitter (@shadowybean) and tell us what you’d like.

More questions? Gotta unique situation you wanna explain, feel free to Contact Us.

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