Chibi Character

Character made by @ghostfink

If you came here for an awe inspiring tale of mystery, suspense and romance that led me to starting this store…..yeeeeesh this is awkward. In all honesty I LOVE THE COLOR BLACK and I LOVE ANIMATION. So when you put these 2 together here we are:) and yes all shirts ONLY come in the color black, ur welcome.


I don’t know about you but when I wear clothes I look for validation, I look for community and that one person out there that understands this super obscure anime reference on my bucket hat I bought from an amazing artist with less than 1,000 followers. Kindaaaaaa like finding a light in the darkness.

ahhh see what I did there…with the black clothes and the color designs [insert laugh track]....we have fun here.


With this store I want to create more outlets for peeps to express themselves through fun anime and cartoon-inspired clothing while also bringing attention to the talented individuals behind the curtain - the ones putting themselves out there and creating the art.


This store is a wacky love child I stewed over for years before actually putting on paper and it’s far from final so I hope you’ll come along for the journey as I work to bring you the best experience and the best quality merchandise possible from artists you’ll love. I appreciate your support and patience along the way.


So enjoy your visit to the ShadowyBean, take your shoes off this ain’t a barn, and stay a while:) I hope you find the merch that speaks to you and stay warm in all those black clothes!


If you're interested in collaborating, wholesale, or just need a friend to gush about animation to – feel free to reach out on social or via the Contact Us page.

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